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// Events / Upper Austria Cycling Tour powered by Neubike.at - 30. Mai - 2. Juni 2019 / starter list Deutsch/English -- Saturday 27. February 2021

starter list Upper Austria Cycling Tour powered by Neubike.at
Time Trial -
Pettinger Daniel10051117869AUTAmateure2RadChaoten.com
Szalay Daniel10093445033HUNAmateureHILL Racingteam
Felbermayr Nikolaus10057162080AUTAmateureRC ARBÖ Felbermayr Wels
Prinz Michael10035024862AUTAmateureRC ARBÖ Felbermayr Wels
Machner Marcel10075746270AUTAmateureTeam Melasan-Sport
Schönauer PetraAUTHobby DamenRC Arbö Felbermayr Wels
Pilch Astrid00000000000AUTHobby DamenRadUNION Salzburg
Tanzer Susanne00000000000AUTHobby DamenRennradfreunde Hörsching
Hoffelner StefanAUTHobby Herren 
Siedl MarkusAUTHobby Herren 
Haberl KlausAUTHobby HerrenBistroBox Racing
Pflügl JosefAUTHobby HerrenHausruck-Racing
Kerschbaum ThomasAUTHobby HerrenRadUNION Salzburg
Wimberger RalphAUTHobby HerrenRadshop Fritz
Elbl ChristophAUTHobby HerrenS.S. Lazio Ciclismo
Baumert StephanGERHobby HerrenTherapie & Training
Schramhauser PhilippAUTHobby Herrenkeiner
Haberl MarkusAUTHobby Herrenwww.atterbiker.at
Schönauer Günther10035029512AUTMasters IRC Arbö Felbermayr Wels
Keplinger Wilhelm10035056992AUTMasters IRC Perg
Wurm Markus10035057501AUTMasters IRC Perg
Reindl Manfred10035057400AUTMasters IIRC Perg
Buttinger Andreas10035020115AUTMasters IIRc Grieskirchen
Prodinger Walter10035057093AUTMasters IIIRC-Perg
Please understand that the starters can only be released after a manual review.

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