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// Events / Upper Austria Cycling Tour powered by Neubike.at - 30. Mai - 2. Juni 2019 / starter list Deutsch/English -- Tuesday 09. March 2021

starter list Upper Austria Cycling Tour powered by Neubike.at
UAC - Tourwertung
Geretschnig Martin10035067908AUTAmateureBernhard Kohl Racing Team
Lifka Sebastian10092221621AUTAmateureRC ARBÖ SK Voest
Dickbauer Manuel10087843180AUTAmateureRC Dana Pyhrn Priel
Kornfeldner Andreas10035054265AUTAmateureRC Grieskirchen
Haslinger Hans Peter10035056083AUTAmateureTeam Melasan-Sport
Wienerroither Matthias10007168785AUTAmateureTeam Melasan-Sport
Westerheide DianaGERHobby Damen 
Hartl ManuelaGERHobby DamenArbö askö Rlm graz
Machner Katharina10083415637AUTHobby DamenBernhard Kohl Racing team
Bruckbauer SusanneAUTHobby DamenRadfreunde Munderfing
Gratzl MarkusAUTHobby Herren 
Westerheide FlorianGERHobby Herren 
Schnugg ReinhardAUTHobby HerrenArbö Landleben Radteam Salzburg
Burgsteiner StefanAUTHobby HerrenRFV Weibern 1897 powered by MKW
Distler HubertAUTHobby HerrenRSC Wolfsegg
Exl FranzAUTHobby HerrenRSC Wolfsegg
Kienbauer ManfredAUTHobby HerrenRSC Wolfsegg
Auer FlorianAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Breit DominikAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Doppler ReneAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Huber MichaelAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Kasbauer JosefAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Neuweg ManfredAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Reisecker MichaelAUTHobby Herrenneubike.at
Brand MichaelAUTHobby Herrenwww.atterbiker.at
Heimbuchner HaraldAUTHobby Herrenwww.atterbiker.at
Mielacher PatrickAUTHobby Herrenwww.atterbiker.at
Weinzinger MichaelAUTHobby Herrenwww.atterbiker.at
Riedl Norbert10035058208AUTMasters IRSC Wolfsegg
Hauser Wolfgang10092797961AUTMasters II
Schmidsberger Norbert10075746573AUTMasters IIIRSC Bad Ischl
Steiner Franz10035023549AUTMasters IIIRadsport Stanger Kitzbühel
Please understand that the starters can only be released after a manual review.

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